Chicago Cubs: No extensions? Not a major problem or focus for this team

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Extensions could have potentially hurt the Cubs

You don’t give contract extensions based on merit or potential. You give them on performance. And, to-date, this is the logic that has prevailed in the Cubs’ front office.

The only two guys I recall getting extension offers (reportedly) are Baez and Bryant. The former was rumored to turn down a five-year, $35 million deal awhile back and, now, Bryant and his $200+ million offer are dominating headlines.

Quite simply put, this young core hasn’t earned contract extensions. So while the payroll stability would certainly be nice when you’re looking at free agents, the Cubs have been right in not giving any members of their young core contract extensions to-date.

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That being said, if you can lock down Baez or Bryant? Get it done. They, unlike their counterparts, have earned them.