Chicago Cubs: The Major League Baseball schedule has to be fixed

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Chicago Cubs: Not a fan of twin bills? Let’s shorten the season

The ultimate goal with these doubleheaders throughout the season would, of course, be to give teams more flexibility to officially postpone these debacles like Sunday earlier, in essence giving teams the ability to travel home or to their next destination with a full off day.

Sure, you might still have some weather issues, but the hope is that you alleviate some of the waiting, guessing, and frustration felt by everyone when you have a weekend like this one.

If you don’t like the doubleheader idea as a fan, player, or ownership, there are a couple other options out there for you. You just may not like them a whole lot and they might take a while to implement.

MLB could shorten the season. They could play 154 or 150 games, giving an extra eight to 12 off days throughout the season or finagling the start/end dates to ensure we aren’t playing in snow! That’s not a popular option with purists, but baseball has not always had 162 games and it was still a great game. Owners certainly won’t like that because it’s four to six fewer games to generate revenue. That would trickle down to staff and players as well if revenue is lost.