Chicago Cubs: The Major League Baseball schedule has to be fixed

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: New-era stadiums handling this issue

Last option is a long-term option, one that many clubs have begun already. Each time an MLB club builds a new stadium, it must build a retractable roof on the stadium. As costly as this may be, think about the money the Nationals will lose on Thursday if they have to refund ticket money and play the game at a neutral site. This option could even be partially subsidized by the league if it’s a mandate for every new stadium.

While none of the above options will entice or excite everyone, the point is that something should be figured out a little bit better for everyone to get a better product in the end.

If MLB and teams were smart, they’d want to continue to adjust and work on scheduling and work with players when the current CBA expires to get it right for everyone. In the meantime, maybe the teams could just be a big more honest and transparent about what’s going on since we all have the same radar on our phones as we’re standing around in the concourse.

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Oh, and guess what – this game on Thursday – yeah, it’s not gonna get played in D.C. because there will be a new weather issue heading their way later this week! See you in Cincinnati or Milwaukee!