Chicago Cubs: Fan’s Weekend means we get to pick the nicknames

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The Chicago Cubs had their turn during Player’s Weekend. Now it’s my turn, in what I’m calling Fan’s Weekend to pick nicknames based on performance (or lack thereof).

Well Chicago Cubs fans, it’s finally here. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. It always follows Player’s Weekend in my Margarita mind, and I call it, “Fan’s Weekend.” Basically I get to pick some new nicknames for the players based on their performance this year. What nicknames would you give the Cubs players this year? Oh boy, I can hardly wait…

Without further ado: these are my 2018 Fan’s Weekend nicknames for the Chicago Cubs.

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Anthony Rizzo (Slugger) – Rizzo has turned it on in an amazing way this season. Maybe it was the absence of Bryant and the pressure of adding talent like Daniel Murphy that has made Rizzo step up.  With 22 home runs under his belt, he is 10 away from tying his 2016 and 2017 number of 32. Rizzo is none other than, ‘Slugger’.

Ben Zobrist (Mr. Clutch) – Is there anyone who has stepped up time and time again for the Cubs more than Zobrist? Put the game on the line and Zobrist up to bat and I guarantee we win. As I’m writing this the vet hits the go ahead RBI against the Mets in the bottom of the seventh inning in their first meeting. Ben Zobrist is none other than “Mr. Clutch”.

Addison Russell (Pinky) – I know it’s not Addison’s pinky finger, but his injured fingers are causing him issues now. Even though, the guy has already turned 60 double-plays! That’s the same amount he did in all of 2016 and beyond his 49 last year and we’ve got games to go.  It may sound a little feminine until you run into his tag. Yea, that’s right! You were just tagged out by ‘Pinky’.

Javier Baez (MVP) – Need I say more?

David Bote (Real Deal) – This guy has nothing to prove to anyone. He has been Kris Bryant since Bryant has left. He can hit and he can play. Bote is none other than the ‘Real Deal’.

Daniel Murphy (The Natural) – Murphy has a pure swing that makes contact better than anyone in the National League. He has invigorated the Cubs offense. Not to mention, he’s played excellent defense and has complimented his teammates perfectly on the field. Murphy is clearly ‘The Natural’.

Tommy La Stella (Batman) – Did you ever notice La Stella’s bat looks almost as big as him? It must be his thin Edwards-like figure that makes the bat look so big. No wonder he can put it on the ball every time! With that in mind, let’s go with ‘Batman.’

Kris Bryant (KBote) – Kris Bryant’s nickname should be KBote. After all, David Bote has made fans forget about Kris Bryant’s amazing contributions on both sides of the ball during his absence.  Every good play makes us forget a little more. Maybe the boss should split the innings when Bryant returns cause if it ain’t broke… (please Kris, make me regret this.)

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