Chicago Cubs: In today’s world, fans have countless ways of watching

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Sports bars, suites and 3D

6. Those who turn on the TV but are only listening to the audio while doing something else. Occasionally bopping back in to see a good play (a TV listener).

7. Those who watch it on multiple TVs. This includes watching various sports on the other TVs like in some sports bars (a multi-tasker).

8. Those who watch the game out of state, market or country.

9. Those who view the game out of their million dollar suite at the ballpark. Quite a view.

10. Those who watch the game in 3D, virtual reality or 4K.

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11. Those who watch the game looking forward to who is singing the seventh-inning stretch.  These creatures will usually join in and sing a few bars… “Ah…one, ah…two, ah….three…”

12. Those who watch the game on their phone or stream it on a computer. Technology is just amazing and giving us new ways to experience baseball every day.

13. Those who only watch certain parts of the game like home runs, offense, defense or just highlights (the highlighters).

14. Those who watch the game from the dugout on the field (players).

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