Chicago Cubs: In today’s world, fans have countless ways of watching

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Chicago Cubs: Picasso, Len and Flippers

15.    Those who don’t watch – believing they’re cursed. These folks usually come out when the

calendar flips to October. Get ready, folks.

16.    Those who watch the game with their pets.

  1. The who watch the game in their office (at work).
  2. Those who keep stats during the game. Yes, I know that’s a good one and you thought I was running out of them. Stay tuned, sonny.
  3. Those who watch it in black & white. Basically this is because the TV still has a test tube and is older than the Picasso in Daley Plaza.
  4. Those who only watch the fights. Usually this is a sign of a deeper problem.
  5. Those who rewind parts of the game when it’s live. This is usually preceded by, “Did you see that?”
  6. Those who listen to the radio feed but watch the TV feed. They tend to think the play by play is better on the radio.  Sorry, Len.
  7. Those who only watch the game in extra innings. Talk about being late!
  8. Those who change the channel during commercial breaks (Flippers).
  9. Those who watch it live at the ball park! Probably the best of them all.

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Every day someone is experiencing the game in a new way and they probably don’t even realize it. How do you watch the game? What kind of creature are you?