Chicago Cubs: Social media sets fans hearts ablaze over foul ball incident

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Jumping to conclusions

There’s an old newspaper and public relations saying that goes, “The first report is always wrong.”

That’s why technology is so dangerous. Just one clip that shows a big kid taking a ball from a little kid and people will get emotional. Except, these are not any ordinary people, these are crazy people.

Yes, I already told you – you are all nuts (that means crazy) and soon we have ourselves a bonafide CNN national hate-fest incident. Now I would expect this from White Sox – maybe even Cardinals fans, but Cubs fans should know better. I can already see the hate mail from the South Side and the Arch.

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It was as if this guy was becoming a national villain and why not? Let’s examine him:

He was wearing those dark sunglasses that are typical of folks that are about to do something dastardly. He had a pointed nose and a crew-cut hair style very similar to…convicted criminals! Yes! You had your man.

You crazy people could smell a bad guy across the room. But then the icing on the cake as the video came to its conclusion.

Bubba shows the ball to his wife and she takes it.

The masses went crazier! How dare you steal from that child to give your wife a gift?

What kind of woman is that? How could she take it from him?