Chicago Cubs: Social media sets fans hearts ablaze over foul ball incident

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Chuck rides in and saves the day

During the video we see this big guy sitting next to our villain. This guys looks like everyone’s uncle and later we learn his name is Chuck Mycoff. Chuck finally tweets like the Lone Ranger coming in to save the day:

"He had already helped that kid get a ball. He gave two more away to kids also. He was a great guy. TV got this all wrong."

Alas! The cure to the Zombie-apocalypse had come. Blood pressure down. Everyone was sane again. Whew! That was a close one. I worry as we get closer to October because I could have sworn I was watching Bartman reactions all over again in the media. Brutal Cubs fans angrily jumped all over this poor guy. Yes, we’ve got heart but sometimes no brains.

Finally, after listening to all the evidence carefully, the media conceded that “social media” had painted this guy a villain and duped all the Cubs fans into this nationwide hate fest.  But isn’t that just like the media to get it wrong again?

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I mean, how can you dupe crazy people?