Chicago Cubs: Social media sets fans hearts ablaze over foul ball incident

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Chicago Cubs
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As everyone breathes a sigh of relief that no youngster had his foul ball taken at a Chicago Cubs game, perhaps we should take a deeper look at why Cubs fans are so emotional?

The Chicago Cubs are on the verge of losing three in a row to the Arizona Diamondbacks and what is the top story?

The bubba who did or did not take a foul ball from a kid during the game. Are you people crazy?

I love this town.

And excuse me for saying “town” if you think I mean those in the Windy City and its reasonable suburbs as far as Northern Indiana. Heck my brother-in-law Brett lives east in Granger, Indiana and is as big a Cubs fan as anyone. But in this instance, I am addressing the ‘Cubs Nation,’ as a whole. Yes, the millions that are scattered across the U.S. as far west as the sun sets. The millions wearing those old Cubs t-shirts or those flappy blue baseball hats or getting tucked in under those super plush Cubs throw blankets.

Yes, all of “you” are nuts.  Mostly you are nuts because you bought that super plush Cub’s throw blanket and to a lesser degree, got emotionally played by technology. Sorry to say, your Midwestern hearts and values were in the right place (as always) but in Cubs terms, your performance sucked.