Chicago Cubs: Five-hundred games in, Joe Maddon has been a franchise changer

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Off the field accolades

For everything which Joe Maddon represents while he is on a baseball field, he represents so much more off the field, in the community.

Going back to his days in Tampa Bay, Maddon helped to create a number of different projects and programs to be implemented into the community. The first was called “Thanksmas,” in 2006 which would mold into a week-long event, helped to provide needy citizens of the community gifts and food for the holidays.

In 2011, it was the “Hazelton Integration Project” known as HIP, which helped to build and maintain an atmosphere for integrating various cultures of his hometown. It was a huge success as over 1,000 people have signed up since its inception. In 2012, Maddon received the Ted Williams Award from the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for his role in making a difference in his community.

Joe Maddon represents a lot when it comes to baseball. His contributions off the field too are amazing. Maddon was named the National League Manager of the Year after his big turnaround in 2015.