Chicago Cubs: Five-hundred games in, Joe Maddon has been a franchise changer

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Hall-of-Fame Possibilities

Joe Torre, along with Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa found themselves elected into the Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame as managers in 2014.

One thing each one of these guys above has in common is that they are three of the best to manage a franchise. Under Joe Torre, the New York Yankees won six A.L. Pennants and four World Championships. Under Bobby Cox, the Atlanta Braves won five N.L. Pennants and a World Championship. The St. Louis Cardinals, under Tony La Russa, won three N.L. Pennants and two World Championships.

Conversely, each of these stallions put close to, if not more than, 5,000 career games under their belt.

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For Joe Maddon to reach this is hard pressed, as he recently crossed the 2,000 game threshold. That being said, Maddon does have a good bit of time left in him and holds a career .538 winning percentage, as well as two pennants and a World Championship himself.

Over the course of the next half-decade, the Cubs have to continue to compete for Joe Maddon to have a chance at reaching the all-time managerial pinnacle of Hall-of-Fame stature. With the likes of Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Anthony Rizzo that should not be a problem.