Chicago Cubs: What do the Cubs need to do to turn it around?

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Chicago Cubs
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Cubs pitching need to find its way

There’s no sugarcoating it. The Cubs’ pitching stinks. Even Kyle Hendricks has struggled, allowing four home runs in his three games. And to be honest, it’s not that bad. But one bad inning does a start make. You can be good for four innings. Have a bad fifth? Your day is ruined, and your start is wasted. So how can the Cubs right the ship?

This sounds easy, and I realize it as I say it. But they need to minimize the bad innings. Yu Darvish allowed four runs following the balk in the Atlanta game. The same can be said for Jose Quintana. Pitched well for four innings, came unglued after that allowing six runs. It’s not as if the Cubs are getting picked at for one run after another. It’s about giving them all up together, but enough to cost them the game.

The bullpen has been magnificent. But the more you have to put on their plate, the more the cracks are going to show. The Cubs bullpen was built better for this than last year. But it’s difficult when you put your starters out there for five innings or less, then march your pen out there. That’s not the successful season you are hoping for.