Chicago Cubs: What do the Cubs need to do to turn it around?

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Ever onward, ever upward–we hope

It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again. It’s only 15 games. There is plenty of time for the Cubs to correct their mistakes from this point forward. For Rizzo, he has to play better. And he will. And as often as Javier Baez seems to be playing well, he’s batting just .235. We don’t need all of the players to come around at the same time. But we at least need a few of them.

It seems that when the pitching comes around, hitting doesn’t. Or vice versa. But they have yet to get on the same path when it comes to the two of them. I firmly believe that the Cubs will pick up the pace. I also feel like the Pirates aren’t going to stay up there for long. But again, it all about the Cubs ability to shake off the cold start (literally and figuratively) and get going.

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This is something that I hope will work itself out. We are still in April, and there’s lots of time to figure this out. But what I don’t wish for is for it to be late-June and the Cubs are still mulling their way through the Central standings. That, my friends, would be a dangerous situation.