Chicago Cubs: Bryce Harper is not worth $400 million dollars

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Would it be worth it in the end?

Ultimately, no. Please understand the argument here is not whether Bryce Harper is worth a massive contract. That much is apparent. He is. In like manner, to justify this much capital to a single player is nerve wrecking.

So long as a contract is worth $400 million, the expectation should certainly be from a team receiving a guy in return who is consistently healthy. In other words, carries an average of close to .300, and hits at least 30 home runs per season while driving in 100+ runs. Harper, throughout the first six years of his career, however, has averaged 25 HR and 70 RBI per season.

Of course, injuries have derailed possibilities of breakout seasons on more than one occasion. Still, when investing a lethal amount of money into one guy, it is imperative that he stays healthy.

The Chicago Cubs should entirely go all in on Bryce Harper. Many fans believe a $400 million investment is wise. The Cubs have the payroll to pull off such a move if they desire. However, due to this, it is difficult to advocate for a contract like this, which is why the Cubs may be hard-pressed to pull the trigger.

A matter of moving money – a lot of it

Seemingly, if the Chicago Cubs wish to make Bryce Harper their next right fielder, they need to rationalize whether or not it is worth it in the long run. The team has current right fielder Jason Heyward under contract through the 2023 season.

Furthermore, Heyward does currently have two separate opt-out clauses within his contract: after this season, and moreover, after the 2019 season, as long as he reaches a minimum of 550 plate-appearances.

With that in mind, it is difficult to think that Jason Heyward will opt out. It is apparent how Heyward has struggled in a Cubs uniform. The market value is thin, which would definitely cause as a discrepancy in player value.