Chicago Cubs: Apparently, Willson Contreras was angry last night

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Finally, the Chicago Cubs managed to drive in runs and poured it on in an 8-0 win. A great way to start their four-game weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Before the Chicago Cubs touching down in Milwaukee, they had trouble plating runners in Miami and Cincinnati. An issue that didn’t last long as they scored early, giving Jon Lester a comfortable lead.

Aside from that brief moment of odd base running at the hands of a veteran that shall not be named, it was a terrific game for the Cubs altogether. From start to finish, to the bullpen stepping up and continuing its dominant reign — way to set the tone for the rest of the series.

Now, statistics are very important when it comes to sports.

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That’s pretty obvious. We have a stat for pretty much anything under the sun.

How does someone do with one runner out, a fan wearing a purple shirt in the crowd while ordering a hot dog? Yeah, pretty sure that exists as well.

Cheers to those brave souls that pay attention to every detail from the first pitch to the final out. Pure dedication and passion for the game, at its finest if you ask me.

Willy was angry last night

One stat that stood out to me was posted by Bleacher Nation via Twitter. What did they post, you ask? Well, it just so happened to be a leaderboard for exit velocity and listed a Top 10 from last night’s contest.

Taking up multiple slots on the board was none other than Chicago Cubs’ catcher, Willson Contreras with four of the hardest hit balls which topped over 105 miles per hour. Insane, right?

As noted in the tweet linked above, Contreras’ eighth-inning double ended up leaving his bat at 115 miles per hour. Contreras, who finished 3-for-4, hit two singles in the second and third inning that traveled at 110 and 108.

I’d say Willy was in the zone last night, as the rest of the offense. Other Cubs’ listed included Ian Happ, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist.

Let’s keep it going

Tonight, the boys are hoping to keep it going with Kyle Hendricks on the mound. Only six of Chicago’s hitters have gone up against Milwaukee right-hander, Brandon Woodruff.

Out of the six, Kris Bryant and Jason Heyward are hitting .500 against him with an RBI while Zobrist rounds out the trio with a batting average of .333. Noting Zobrist with two RBI in three at-bats against Woodruff.

So, it’s time for Willson, Happ, Almora, and Russell to properly introduce themselves to a righty with an ERA above five to begin the year.

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If their performance is duplicated, it’ll be another long night for Milwaukee and an exciting win for the Cubbies.