Chicago Cubs: Who has the best uniforms in the National League Central?

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CINCINNATI, OH – MARCH 30: Joey Votto /

2. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds might have the most underrated uniforms in baseball, especially the alternates. The home red alternate uniform has the perfect color scheme. A red jersey with white numerals and lettering and a red hat. White is really the only contrast color here that would look good, and it looks great.

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Another logo-in-the-corner jersey, and we here at Cubbies Crib are fond of those. What really adds to this is the number on the bottom half of the jersey, diagonal from the logo. This is simple, yet creative. It’s a pretty uniform.

The home whites for Cincinnati are the reverse of the red alternate, and they look just as good. Cincinnati’s uniforms aren’t talked about much, and that’s a shame, because they should be. Let’s face it, does Joey Votto look that good in any other uniform? The answer is absolutely not.

The other Reds’ uniform is the road gray. A common theme here is that the road grays are boring. Cincy’s isn’t boring, it just doesn’t match up at all with the other two. The script “Cincinnati” across the front, while different, is standard for most road gray uniforms. What is cool about this particular set is the hat.

The hat is red, but a black bill. The black bill really adds a nice touch. It helps that black is an accent color and goes with anything, but that hat just looks nice. The good thing is they could wear that with any of their jerseys and it would work.