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Chicago Cubs Prediction: Tyler Chatwood will outperform Alex Cobb in 2018

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Chicago Cubs have a lot working in their favor

All told, we’ll have to see how it plays out.

But with Cobb still pitching in an American League East that features reloaded and revamped Red Sox and Yankees lineups, I’d imagine he gets roughed up more than Chatwood will in the Central. Throw in the fact the Cubs boast one of the best defenses in baseball and the picture looks even rosier for Chicago’s new starter.

Alex Cobb might go on to enjoy a nice three-year run with the O’s. But the Cubs are built for sustained success and, given their needs, adding Chatwood and waiting out the market ultimately put them in a much stronger position than if they would’ve jumped at Cobb early this winter.

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Call me crazy. Call me whatever you’d like. But when we’re looking back on the 2018 season, I wouldn’t be in the slightest surprised if Tyler Chatwood outperformed Alex Cobb.