Chicago Cubs: Ticket wars; What would Ohtani have meant?

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The Chicago Cubs aren’t interested in getting into a ticket war with the Milwaukee Brewers. And what would have changed if the Cubs had gotten Shohei Ohtani?

The Chicago Cubs don’t want to get into a ticket war with the Milwaukee Brewers. But the Brewers seem to be doing their best to start one. When releasing presale tickets for games against the Cubs, they were available to “Wisconsin residents only.” So they’re trying to bring in more Brewers fans, instead of half of Miller Park being filled by Cubs’ fans. The Cubs, on the other hand? Everybody is welcome, including Wisconsin residents.

What if the Cubs had won the Shohei Ohtani lottery? Would that have kept the Cubs from signing Tyler Chatwood and Yu Darvish? It’s easy to look back and say “what if,” but for the Cubs, they won’t have to do that. They’ve gotten Darvish and Chatwood as well as several relievers. Things are going to work out just fine.

In part two of our series on the NL Central, we took a look at the outfield and infield of the division. Using deep metrics instead of opinion, the Brewers have the edge in the outfield while the Cubs dominated on the infield. Will the Brewers continue their hold on the outfield, especially with the addition of Christian Yelich?

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