Chicago Cubs News: Cubs saying goodbye to a few, hello to another?

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The Chicago Cubs parted ways with Hector Rondon, and it appears they’ll be doing the same with Jake Arrieta. But is it possible they could welcome in Shohei Ohtani this winter?

In an interview with the Score 670, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon said what most of us were already thinking. That Jake Arrieta was likely gone. This comes as a surprise to very few, except those holding out hope that he might return to Chicago. But with the talks of a six or seven-year deal, chances are slim the Cubs would commit to that type of financial burden. So it might be time to add Arrieta to Instagram to keep in touch.

In another somewhat anticipated move, the Cubs chose to non-tender former closer Hector Rondon. Rondon was expected to make over $6 million this season, and the Cubs didn’t see that as a fair price. What was surprising was the fact that they could find any suitors to trade with. Rondon will land on his feet, and likely get another chance in a late-inning role, much like Fernando Rodney did. But his time in Chicago has come to an end.

The Cubs pursuit of Shohei Ohtani isn’t a lost cause like some think. The cost to the Cubs will be minimal, as it’s the promise of more money than what many other teams could offer him. Another factor is his two-way play. If there was ever a manager that could make solid use of it, would you think that to be Maddon? There are a lot of factors that will go into the decision. But the Cubs expect to be there until the very end.

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