Chicago Cubs News: Prior and Wood, Pirates willing to trade?

CHICAGO - JUNE 18: Mark Prior
CHICAGO - JUNE 18: Mark Prior /

There was a time when the Chicago Cubs thought they were in good shape with two pitchers of the future in Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. Oh, what could have been if they had stayed healthy.

With the Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, the Chicago Cubs felt that their pitching was coming around. With the two young and talented pitchers, the Cubs felt confident they had a dynamic duo for years to come. But injuries took their toll on both pitchers, never allowing either of them to become what scouts had predicted. It’s a case of “what could have been” for the Cubs.

The common thought for the Pittsburgh Pirates is that they need to listen to any trade talk that comes their way. That includes names like Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole. With closers at a premium, Felipe Rivero could fetch the biggest price of them all. The Cubs stole away Wade Davis from the Royals for Jorge Soler. They should just pay the man what he’s worth, but that will be a pretty penny, indeed. Do the Cubs have what the Pirates would want? And would they be willing to pay it?

Project 1060 continues to move forward, although many of the things this year won’t be as noticeable to fans. The one thing that will be is the widening of the dugouts. The Cubs will be moving them down roughly 15 to 30 feet as much of the concourse has already been removed. There will also be the luxury suites, but at roughly $500 a pop, the general fan won’t be taking these in all that often. It’s part of the continued effort to bring Wrigley Field into the new era without losing its charm.

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