Morning Marquee: Eddie Vedder and Cubs had sing-along following NLDS win


It’s been a couple of days since the Chicago Cubs eliminated the St. Louis Cardinals to advance to the National League Championship, and everyone is still buzzing about that epic night when Hector Rondon locked in a 6-4 win.

There were plenty of celebrities in the house including former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, actor’s Jim Belushi, John Cusack and Pearl Jam’s own, Eddie Vedder.

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Vedder partied with the Cubs after they defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the N.L. Wild Card game last Wednesday, putting them in the National League Division Series. The rest is history, and now they’ll wait to see if their next opponent will be either the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Mets.

After Starlin Castro recorded the final out of the Wild Card game, Vedder was seen spraying champagne with the Cubs back in the visiting clubhouse, which isn’t much of a shock.

Eddie is a life-long Cubs fan who wrote a song several years ago that he played for Ernie Banks during a concert that was held at Wrigley Field about his loveable North Siders winning it all the way, someday. And that’s where the following link comes into place.

There was a video posted on Vimeo of Vedder having a little bit of a jam session in Jon Lester‘s backyard with Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, Chris Denorfia, David Ross, Kyle Schwarber, and the rest of the team standing behind them.

You can view the video by clicking here.

This team has been having fun all year and to come together, share a few drinks while having a couple of days off is something that will keep this team motivated in the long run.

Now, if you’re familiar with Vedder’s ‘All The Way’, one lyric says ‘Someday we’ll go all the way’, but Pearl Jam’s infamous frontman switched it up near the end of the song and got everyone pumped by saying ‘This month we’ll go all the way’.

The 50-year-old rocker’s words set the Cubs up by yelling, cheering and you can even hear Anthony Rizzo saying a bad word. We won’t repeat it here, but it’s something an adult would say.

I wouldn’t doubt if Eddie travels with the Cubs throughout the NLCS. Hopefully, they’ll ask him to sing the National Anthem before Wrigley’s first NLCS game since 2003.

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