Chicago Cubs: The day has arrived; Playoff baseball and the Cubs


Astros defeat Yankees to advance; Cubs next up to spoil it for the home team?

I wasn’t kidding when I said it would be like Christmas Morning for me. Watching the visiting Houston Astros defeat the host New York Yankees last night only made it worse. The Chicago Cubs hiatus from playoff baseball hasn’t been that long. Winning during it is another story. This is the Cubs first foray into this game, so a win would be something monumental after being swept their last few playoff series.

The Cubs are one of the hottest teams in baseball entering the postseason, so who might step up and be their hero? The list is truly endless as anyone on this roster is capable, but we took a look at a few possibilities–some obvious, some not–as to who could make a name for themselves as an October hero.

The Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs are tied to each other this postseason in a few different ways. First, both teams were 100-game losers just a few seasons ago. The two have struggled through hard times and rebuilt from the ground up to be in this position. The other was the exchange that brought the Cubs Dexter Fowler and sent IF Luis Valbuena to the Astros. Each has played a key role for their respective teams. Fowler was important to the Cubs, Valbuena’s role maybe even more so to the Astros.

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