Chicago Cubs: Five potential heroes in the NL Wild Card game

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Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

You’ll have to forgive us here at Cubbies Crib. Normally about this time we’re talking about who will or won’t make the Chicago Cubs team next year, who will battle for a spot in the rotation, etc. Instead, we’re talking playoffs. We may be a little rusty, but you can be sure we’re embracing this opportunity. So onto baseball in October.

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Heroes are born every October in baseball. It can be anyone. Some years it’s a pitcher, others are born from performances at the plate. From Reggie Jackson to Madison Bumgarner, which Cubs’ player could add his name to the list? Some may be more obvious than others, and it isn’t restricted to this list, but I think our hero in tomorrow’s game comes from one of these five. So who steps up in the “winner take all” matchup with the Pirates?

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