Chicago Cubs: Five reasons to believe in this team’s playoff chances

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Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Shaking your head in agreement that is

Is there a little bit of rah-rah in this post? Of course there is. The Cubs are only 1 1/2 games out of the top Wild Card spot. That would mean a chance to host a “postseason” game. I know that you aren’t really in the playoffs until after you win the WC game, but let’s be excited. These guys really are good. That wasn’t a ridiculous hashtag created by a marketing team. It was Montero, who as a veteran could see the potential.

That potential hasn’t been reached yet, but it’s getting closer. Maddon said about a month ago that he thought this team’s best baseball was yet to come. One of many reasons he was number one on my list. And I love that he calls Jorge Soler “Georgie”. Fantastic.

If you’ve had the urge to show your “old” Cubs fan self–meaning “here we go again” or anything like that, I hope this post found you. You were the one it was meant for. We’ve forgiven Bartman, it’s not a goat’s fault, and it’s time to embrace this years team and enjoy the ride. You deserve it.