Chicago Cubs: Five reasons to believe in this team’s playoff chances

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The right guy at the right time

Ok, that was a little cold with the “Ricky who”, but let’s be honest with ourselves–would we be here right now with Renteria? The answer is likely no. I won’t debate the ethics of the move to bring Joe Maddon to Chicago, but at this point I wish Renteria well and am content with it all.

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At the press conference, I was in awe of Maddon. “Can a manager be this much fun?” There was no way he was like this all the time,  clearly it was a show for the press. Needless to say, I would be wrong. There may not have been a better fit for this team than Maddon, and that’s being proven day in, day out.

His outgoing personality, which includes having magicians before a game, smoke machines and dance parties after wins–but most of all his baseball mind. It all blends seamlessly into the perfect package that the Cubs needed to guide the young players while managing the veterans. Pulling Hammel from games after 65 pitches? Benching a three-time All-Star? Most of that would have caused an internal backlash. Guys aren’t happy, but they see the big picture because that’s what Maddon has made it about.

It’s bigger than the player, bigger than Maddon himself. It’s about a city and a team that deserve something great.

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