Chicago Cubs not giving up on Starlin Castro just yet


While appearing on Chicago’s 670 The Score, Joe Maddon via Bleacher Nation, made it clear that the Chicago Cubs still have plans for Starlin Castro. With the endless chatter about whether he would be traded or not, it is decided now that Castro will provide service to the team in other areas.

The young all-star is in the midst of perhaps his worst season as a professional. Many in the organization felt that this would be a benchmark year for Castro among others including Anthony Rizzo, but as the season has worn on we are still waiting for his best.

The Cubs plan on getting Castro some work at other positions, specifically second and third base. One can only guess that Maddon would love to use Castro in a variety of ways in order to get other guys some rest.

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Kris Bryant and Addison Russell have been permanent fixtures in the lineup since their arrivals. Although both seem to be surging as of late, Castro could provide an extra option off the bench and in double switches late in ball games.

The value is there. Over the course of his six seasons including this one with Chicago, Castro has posted 4 seasons with a WAR over 1. In fact, this is only the second time he was performed below replacement level. Perhaps we are seeing him reach the ceiling, or could there be some truth that he is fading while the younger stars are ascending?

Or better yet, maybe Cub fans have taken on an all or nothing attitude this year.

There’s no denying that Castro has put together a bad year in 2015. But let’s not pretend that the early clutch hitting he provided didn’t happen. I still recall back-to-back game in which Castro provided a walk-off winner.

I’d be the first to admit that I was low on Chris Coghlan early on. He struck out a lot and had empty at-bats. I will proudly admit that the job Coghlan has done recently has proven me wrong. So why can’t our feelings be similar about Castro.

Each time Castro got the clutch hit, I didn’t hear anyone saying they wanted him traded. With all things included, Castro’s demeanor on the field has made it easier for fans to single him out when he struggles. The entire team went into a deep slump for almost two months while it was the shortstop in particular who shouldered most of the heat.

If what Maddon said is true, then expect him to be a major part of what the team does this year. And if Starlin is due for a turnaround, expect something clutch when we need it.

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