Chicago Cubs bringing hope to fans, making believers of the rest


The Cubs have made believers out of many, and the baseball world is now watching the North Side

The “plan” was put in place. The Chicago Cubs were expected to toil in mediocrity for a bit as Theo Epstein & Co. rebuilt the team from the ground up. There had been brief moments of joy, but a few 100-loss seasons dampened most of the fun. Now this team is a year ahead of schedule. Cubs’ skipper Joe Maddon has changed the culture. He’s brought his track record and his unique style to a city that seems to suit him well. Third place doesn’t sound like we should be so hopeful, but when your division is the best in baseball, that’s misleading.

The Cubs hold the fourth best record in baseball. Outside of both Central divisions, the Cubs would be tied for or in first in every other division. After sweeping the defending champion San Francisco Giants, the rest of the baseball world has taken notice. These young Cubs aren’t going to “sneak up” on anyone anymore, not that baseball really works like that. But no one will take this team lightly. There hasn’t been this type of electricity in years. I like the plan. I trust in the plan.

It’s been a team effort in the grandest way for the Cubs, as there may not be a true MVP candidate on the team. Anthony Rizzo can indeed make a case, but while there might not be a Cub winning the NL MVP (although there’s time for that to change), there are several whose value to the team has been undeniable. It’s not always about the best numbers, but the impact a player has on the team. The Cubs have a long list on that front to pick from.

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