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Jim Hendry And Mike Quade Likely To Be Replaced


With all the focus on whether or not Aramis Ramirez will be traded before the July 31 trade deadline or in August, there has been little talk over recent weeks about the job security of both general manager Jim Hendry and manager Mike Quade. This current Cubs team has been described by some as the worst team in the club’s history. Having said that, it is likely that chairman Tom Ricketts will make changes to the team’s front office after the season. Team president Crane Kenney appears to be the first man to be relieved of his duties, but Hendry and Quade may follow Kenney out the door.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports took a look at general managers that are on the hot seat as the July 31 trade deadline approaches. No surprise, Rosenthal listed Hendry as one of those general managers. But Rosenthal does not just touch on the job status of Hendry, but also says it is unlikely that Mike Quade returns next season as the team’s manager.

"Speculation persists that owner Tom Ricketts might hire Hall of Fame inductee Pat Gillick as club president. In theory, Gillick could retain Hendry, and the two could work together to fix the club. But the entire idea seems far-fetched; Cubs fans want change, and both Hendry and manager Mike Quade seem likely to be replaced. Fox Sports"

Gillick has been linked to the Cubs’ president job by seemingly every media news outlet. But as Rosenthal mentions, that does not appear to be a likely scenario. I think it is more likely that the Cubs will look at Brian Cashman as someone who could replace Crane Kenney as the team’s president. Granted, Cashman is also a top candidate to be the Cubs next general manager if Hendry is indeed fired after the season. Cashman has developed quite the reputation in his time with the Yankees, but, the new-era Steinbrenner’s and Cashman appear to be headed for a divorce after the season.

Cashman may be one of the top general managers that Rosenthal suggests would be interested in the Cubs general manager post after the season, but the Fox Sports insider also mentions an up-and-coming general manager that may fill Hendry’s seat after the season.

"The real intrigue would begin once Ricketts began his search for a new GM.White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn is generally regarded as the game’s leading GM candidate, but many in the industry believe that the Cubs’ job also might draw interest from some of the game’s top current GMs Fox Sports"

This is not the first time that Hahn has been mentioned as a candidate for the Cubs’ general manager job. Though, I doubt Hahn is a realistic candidate for the Cubs’ general manager post. The thing that may keep Hahn from joining the Cubs is his current title. Hahn is the assistant general manager of the Chicago White Sox. The same Chicago White Sox have been an on-going soap opera between manager Ozzie Guillen and general manager Kenny Williams. One of those two will likely be replaced after the season, and if it is Williams, Hahn would be the first candidate to be the new White Sox general manager. Though even if Williams is not fired, Hahn still may not be a realistic option for the Cubs. Considering that Ricketts would have to gain permission from Williams or chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to interview Hahn. Many believe that Reinsdorf would prevent such an interview from happening.

In any case, the writing appears to be on the wall that neither Hendry or Quade will return next season.