Ricketts Has Met With Wedge, Quade, And Sandberg (UPDATED)


Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts met with Eric Wedge today, and has already met with Mike Quade and Ryne Sanberg. According to Bruce Levine a decision on who is going to be the next Chicago Cubs manager could be coming soon, now that Ricketts has met with three of the serious candidates for the Chicago Cubs managerial vacancy.

It was widely believed that the Chicago Cubs managerial race was a two horse race between Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg, but Eric Wedge now has a just as strong chance as becoming the manager as the other two candidates.

It is not known whether or not former Diamondbacks and Mariners manager Bob Melvin will receive an interview with Ricketts.

Buster Olney tweeted  more information about how the interview went between Wedge and Ricketts today…

"A friend of Eric Wedge says this about his meeting with Cubs’ owners: “He is a very convincing guy, so this can only help his chances.”"

While there have been some objections by fans regarding Eric Wedge being the next Chicago Cubs manager, I actually prefer Wedge over Quade and Sandberg. Like Olney’s tweet said, Wedge is a very convincing person and can probably make any team he manages believe in what he is saying. Lot of fans look at Wedge and think he was the reason why the Indians were as bad as they were, when really that was not the case. You have to remember that Wedge was dealt with a poor hand as stars like Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore were constantly injured, and other stars such as C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee, and Victor Martinez were all traded.

Even though Quade has looked impressive in the way the he finished the season with the Chicago Cubs, I just do not feel like he should be the Chicago Cubs manager. While you do have to give credit to Quade’s performance, I just feel that the Cubs should not put too much stock into what he did. Like I said before, if he has the best interview of Wedge and Sandberg, then the Cubs will be right to hire him. But, they shouldn’t hire him just because of what he did in place of Lou Piniella.


According to a Tweet from Fox Sport’s Jon Morosi Don Wakamatsu is still a candidate for the Chicago Cubs managerical vacancy.

"I’m hearing that Don Wakamatsu remains a candidate with the #Cubs and #BlueJays. #MLB #Chicago #Toronto"

Also according to a report from Carrie Muskat, former Diamondbacks and Mariners manager Bob Melvin did in fact have an interview with Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts. It is not known whether or not Wakamatsu had an interview with Ricketts, it is not believed that he did.