Latest From Bruce Levine


Even though the 2010 season for the Chicago Cubs is over, Bruce Levine is continuing to do his weekly chats at Here is the latest from the Cubs insider as we prepare for the off-season.

  • Levine was first asked what was the biggest name to be coming to the Cubs, and the biggest name to be leaving the Cubs. Obviously, he mentioned Adam Dunn as the big name coming to the Cubs, although he questioned whether Dunn’s defensive abilities may hinder his chances from coming to the Cubs. He went on to mention that the Chicago Cubs will do everything they can to try and trade Kosuke Fukudome this winter.
  • Levine says that if Quade is hired as the manager, Sandberg will not be a bench coach, and vice versa. Also, if Eric Wedge is hired, Quade may have a chance of staying as part of the coaching staff.
  • Levine expects the Cubs to name their new manager by the third week of October, after Hendry goes to Ricketts with a list of final list of two or three candidates.
  • According to Levine, Adam Laroche is one of four or five first basemen the Chicago Cubs are looking into. However, there are questions over his attitude.
  • Levine states the obvious, and says the Cubs have no interest in strikeout ridden Mark Reynolds.
  • Levine also thinks the Cubs may move Colvin to first base, and then pursure a left handed power hitting right fielder.
  • Levine doesn’t envision the Cubs going after Carl Crawford, calling it an Alfonso Soriano redux
  • Bruce believes the managerial search is down to three serious candidates and they are Eric Wedge, Mike Quade, and Ryne Sandberg.
  • Don’t expect the Chicago Cubs to trade for Adrian Gonzalez this winter, and pending what they do this offseason, they may pursue him in 2012.