Carlos Zambrano is Classless


After Cubs Starting Pitcher Carlos Zambrano allowed four runs in the first inning, Zambrano went on a tirade in the Cubs dugout. After it appeared that Zambrano was calling out all of his teammates, he then got in the face of Derrek Lee, and the two had to be separated by bench coach Allan Trammell and catcher Geovany Soto.

This is not the first time that Zambrano has publicly gone after one of his teammates, as in 2007, against the Atlanta Braves, Zambrano and then catcher Michael Barrett began punching each other in the dugout. At that time, the Cubs took side of Zambrano, and dealt Barret within days after the altercation.

However, this time, I doubt the Cubs come to the backing of Zambrano’s. Their absolutely no reason for Zambrano to again come after one of his teammates. Especially Derrek Lee, who at least care about the team and the rest of his teammates. I do not care who you are or how much money you make, you never, and I mean never go after one of your teammates like Zambrano did today with Derrek Lee.

The Cubs have to finally put their foot down with Zambrano, and stop this non sense. The Cubs have given Zambrano all the chances in the world to prove to them that he has changed and is mature, however, he has yet to show it. Instead of acting like a professional, he acts like an immature child. Zambrano is a hot head, and can never control his emotions when he is on the mound.

Every year it is the same old story with Zambrano, their is always question about his attitude and maturity level, and so far Zambrano has done nothing to silence those questions. Instead, they keep getting louder and louder as the years go by. Much like the Cubs got sick of Milton Bradley’s antics, I’m sure they are running out of patience with Zambrano.

Reports are surfacing now,  saying that Zambrano was filmed shouting obscenities at a local cameraman as he was leaving U.S Cellular Field.