Cubs Move Carlos Zambrano to the Bullpen


I honestly can not believe that I am saying this, but the Cubs are moving Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen. Yes, the same Carlos Zambrano that no more than two weeks ago, was the opening day starter for the Chicago Cubs

I, for one, am completely shocked that the Cubs would resort to the most extreme measure to fix their bullpen, by moving Carlos Zambrano, who is considered their ace, to the bullpen.

So far on this young season, Carlos Zambrano has been off to a slow start going 1-2 while posting an ERA of 7.45. And the Cubs make the move in hopes of Zambrano regaining his old form, while solidifying their bullpen, entering play today the Cubs bullpen has a cumulative ERA of 6.00 entering play yesterday.

However, their is uncertainty as to how long the Cubs plan to use Zambrano out of the bullpen, where he will set up for closer Carlos Marmol. Let’s look at what some of the Chicago writers are saying about how long “Big Z” will be in the bullpen?

"Z says wants to help team but calls move temporary. ‘Like Schwarzngr say, I will be back.’ Gordon WittenmyerLou says move of Z to bullpen may not be temporary. “This makes all the sense in the world.” Paul SullivanCarlos Zambrano to the bullpen effective Friday. Solid move if he is mentally into it. At least the Cubs are trying to do something! David Kaplan"

Even though the Cubs bullpen has been very bad this year, I’m not sure this move makes much sense for the Cubs. For one, from a financial standpoint the Cubs are now paying for a $17.875 MM reliever. And what about the hit the Cubs rotation is going to take from this move. Sure, Zambrano has been off to a bad start, but do you honestly expect Tom Gorzelanny and Carlos Silva to continue to pitch better than Carlos Zambrano, I would not count on that happening.

I know the saying is “desperate times call for desperate measures”, but in the Cubs case this was not a desperate move, IT WAS A DUMB MOVE.