Tyler Colvin makes the team; One decision remaining in Millar vs. Tracy


Cubs Fans are finally going to see the Cubs improved farm system working towards helping the Major League team win. As Lou Piniella told Tyler Colvin yesterday that he has made the team as a backup outfielder. As of today, Colvin has been the best hitter in all of spring training around the majors. Colvin was the Cubs 2006 first round pick out of Clemson University.

Colvin, beat out Sam Fuld this spring for the fifth outfielder’s spot on the team. And the Cubs are confident that he will see enough playing time this year so that it won’t stunt his development. The Plan is for Colvin to start in 2 to 3 games a week in the outfield at all three positions, when starter’s Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, and Kosuke Fukudome need a day off. You can also expect to see Colvin being subbed in late in games as either a pinch runner, or defensive replacement.

Colvin, is the first of many quality prospects that should start to see time in the majors over the next couple of years. As, the Cubs also have pitchers Andrew Cashner, Jay Jackson,  Chris Carpenter that are the top three in their organization. And position players Starlin Castro, Josh Vitters, and Brett Jackson that all could be seen on the Cubs within the next two years.

With Colvin making the team, that leaves only one more spot left open on the Cubs bench. And while Sam Fuld and Micah Hoffpauir remain in camp, the competition for the last spot is down to two between Chad Tracy and Kevin Millar.

On one hand, you have the veteran Kevin Millar. Now, Millar does not exactly fit the Cubs needs, but he gives the Cubs a veteran presence and a good clubhouse guy. At his age, he really can only plays first base, but if he makes the team he maybe asked to play third base and some outfield. I question though how much power he has left in his bat, as last year he really struggled offensively with the Blue Jays.

And on the other side you have Chad Tracy, who fits the Cubs need a lot more than Kevin Millar does. The reason Tracy is good fit is  because he is a left handed hitter, something the Cubs need on their bench. He also offers more versatility than Millar, as Tracy is capable of playing first base, third base, and right and left field. He also would provide a power bat on the bench to go against lefties.

In my opinion, I think that Chad Tracy should beat out Kevin Millar for the last spot on the bench. Mainly, because as I said Tracy is the best fit for what the Cubs need on the field. Even though Millar maybe a good teammate and he is a favorite of mine, I think Tracy would be more valuable to this team.

Lou Piniella is expected to announce on Tuesday or Wednesday, who won the spot between Tracy or Millar.