Cubs Growing Angered With Ryan Theriot


Over the last couple of years, Ryan Theriot has really come onto the scene as a true fan favorite for the Chicago Cubs. But Theriot is not making any fans within the Cubs front office.

Word has it that the Cubs front office is angered with Ryan Theriot due to the amount that Theriot submitted for arbitration figure. Theriot submitted a $3.4 million figure, while the Cubs submitted a $2.6 million figure. And Theriot has yet to back off from his original demand.

Bruce Miles, who was on 670 the score today, hinted that Theriot is running the risk of being a player that the Cubs look to trade, or non-tender after the coming season. Because many feel that touted Shortstop Starlin Castro will be ready by the time the 2010 season is over. Meaning he could be a threat to Theriot’s job security as the starting shortstop. But I doubt that the Cubs would put much consideration into ridding themselves of Ryan Theriot.

If you to ask me on my thoughts about Ryan Theriot, I would tell you that as a shortstop he is about an average player in the major league, due to his defensive liabilities. But as a second basemen Theriot could be one of the better ones around the league. If you look at his offensive numbers he is in the top ten among shortstops for average (.284), on base percentage (.343), and steals (20). However, he is among the midway point for all defensive categories. Not to mention he really does not have the arm strength of a shortstop. So by moving him over to second base, you would be improving not only his play, but your overall team defense.

The Cubs are starting to show that they no longer will throw money out whenever they feel like it. Besides I think the Cubs offer to Theriot was very fair considering he made only $500K last year. $2.6 million is a reasonable pay raise, and I can see why the Cubs front office may be at odds with Ryan Theriot right now.