Cubs in Talks with Jonny Gomes


With Jermaine Dye still pondering whether or not he should take a 60% pay cut to come and play for the Cubs, the Cubs are now in Talks with free agent outfielder Jonny Gomes.

In the report, Gomes states that he would love to come and play for the Cubs.

"“Absolutely,’’ said Gomes, confirming discussions. “I’m a big fan of the game, a student of the game, and I follow a lot of history. I’m not only a player but also a client. Obviously, I’m a big fan of the Cubs, and a big fan of the city – it’s probably one of my favorite cities on the tour, as well as my wife’s.’’"

Among other things he mentioned were his willingness accept the fourth outfielders role, the Cubs would like him to fill.

"“With the guys on the free agent market out there right now, I think I can bring a lot to the Cubs with what I have. I’m comfortable playing left and right, and messing round with some ground balls at first base in spring training.’’"

The report suggested that instead of being focused on Dye to come to the Cubs, the Cubs are actually focused on trying to sign Gomes. Gomes, spent 2009 with the Cincinnati Reds as he hit 20 home runs in 281 at bats.  As a defensive player he is considered to be below average, but Gomes plays his position hard with little or no fear.

If the Cubs sign Gomes, there is no doubt in my mind that he would instantly become a fan favorite among Chicago Cubs fans. He also has a willingness to do whatever he is asked to do, if it helps improve his teams chances of making it to the playoffs.

Gomes,  would also love to be re-united with Lou Piniella, who managed him in 2005 when he was a top candidate for Rookie of the Year.