This bold Chicago Cubs prediction will prove to be wrong

This trade will not be happening.

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The Chicago Cubs do not have a need at the first base position.

It's understandable that Cubs fans are preprogrammed to circle first base as a position of need considering the failures that the team has had at the position since the decision to trade Anthony Rizzo to the New York Yankees at the 2021 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline.

Frank Schwindel, Trey Mancini, Alfonso Rivas, Eric Hosmer, and Matt Mervis are all the failed projects that the Cubs have had at first base in recent seasons. The laundry list of disappointing talent is one of the main reasons why the team decided this offseason to trade highly-touted pitching prospect Jackson Ferris to the Los Angeles Dodgers for first base prospect Michael Busch.

Busch, blocked by Freddie Freeman and Max Muncy, never had a path to consistent playing time with the Dodgers. Upon acquiring the top Dodgers' prospect, the Cubs committed to Busch being the primary first baseman for the team this season.

Faced with the opportunity to be a full-time starter at the Major League level, the expectation is that Busch will be among the most successful rookies in all of Major League Baseball this season.

That would be the reason why the prediction from Jim Bowden of The Athletic (Subscription Required) will prove to be wrong. In his preview of the 2024 season, Bowden predicts that the Cubs will trade for Pete Alonso at the MLB Trade Deadline.

Pete Alonso is no longer an ideal target for the Chicago Cubs.

There was a long period of time when Alonso was an ideal trade target for the Cubs but the match is no longer there.

Even if Busch does not live up to expectations, it would seem that the Cubs would be willing to shift Cody Bellinger to first base and promote one of their top outfield prospects to the Major League level rather than dip into their prospect capital for a rental bat such as Alonso.

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