The Chicago Cubs fanbase has been on edge this offseason

Chicago Cubs Fans Come Out For Snow-Delayed Home Opener
Chicago Cubs Fans Come Out For Snow-Delayed Home Opener / Scott Olson/GettyImages

It's only early December, and notable free agents are still on the board...however Chicago Cubs fans are already getting restless. The Cubs brass promised fans they have the resources to make big moves this Winter and the fans are holding them to that expectation. One cannot draw conclusions until after the offseason is over and everyone has signed, but it is understandable why Cubs fans would be on edge a bit.

The past several years have been very frustrating for the North Side faithful, seeing the window of contention close sooner than anticipated and seeing the team decide that they did not want to spend like a big market team. One could often cite the infamous "Biblical Losses" quote by chairman Tom Ricketts as the single most frustrating moment over the past several years. According to Forbes, the Cubs are the 34th most valuable sports franchise in the world. Fans don't want to spend every year balling on a budget.

It did not seem that long ago when the Cubs were one of the teams that could get what they wanted when they wanted, landing guys like Jon Lester, Ben Zobrist, Jason Heyward (despite the outcome), and Yu Darvish. Now fans feel like they have to train themselves to miss out on the big fish that teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, and Philadelphia Phillies have been getting. They want to be proven wrong so badly and land one of the big remaining free agents.

There is another component to this, and it goes beyond just the Cubs. The sports fans of Chicago are all tired, none of the teams in the city at the moment look like contenders. The third largest sports market in the world is seeing multiple teams rebuild, paying for years of mismanagement, and others just not meeting expectations. Right now most Chicago fans are getting their primary source of sports joy from the incredible play of Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who continues to wow the football world. Sadly the rebuilding Bears are 3-10 and playing for a draft positioning since Fields needs a team around him. Meanwhile, the Bulls have been very disappointing and the once-mighty Blackhawks are going to be rebuilding for years to come. This does not even factor in the frustration of crosstown White Sox fans and their lack of notable moves so far.

This city needs more excitement and joy, the loyal fans who pay top-dollar deserve it.

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At the end of the day, the Cubs fans just want to see the team invest their money into drastically improving the team on the field and do not want to pay a premium price to watch bad/mediocre baseball. After getting the taste of winning in 2016, we crave it more than ever. No more "Lovable Losers". Let's see how it plays out because it can still end with big signings and feelings of joy and relief. This is not me saying this team will not make moves, it is just justifying why fans feel the way they currently are.