Nike's latest Chicago Cubs uniform change has fans up in arms

Chicago Cubs fans are not happy with Nike's recent change to the font size on the back of the jerseys. Find out why this alteration is drawing criticism on social media.

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs have one of the most recognizable home uniforms in all of Major League Baseball.

There are few sights greater than seeing the Cubbie blue pinstripes run down the home uniforms while the Cubs are playing 1:20 start times at the Federal Landmark known as Wrigley Field.

We noted earlier this off-season that there may be changes in store for the Cubs' uniform as the trademark logo under the chest patch appears to have been removed but in a picture that is making the rounds on social media, a much larger change appears to have occurred.

The change is that Nike has apparently gone smaller on the font size for the names on the back of the jerseys. While this, in theory, would be a change to accommodate players such as Pete Crow-Armstrong, the issue is that the font-to-number ratio is noticeably off.

The latest Chicago Cubs uniform change has fans taking to social media to highlight how Nike messed up.

The issue with these types of changes is that they often sound good theory but don't often have the intended result. In this case, the change in the font appears to give the impression that the jersey looks more like a T-shirt jersey than a jersey that should be donned by two-time Gold Glove winner Ian Happ.

It should be no surprise to see that Cubs fans are hating the change.

If it's not broken, don't fix it. That is the best way to sum up how Cubs fans are feeling about the change. Nike's constant tinkering with the uniforms is leading to results that take away the special feeling that Cubs fans have when they watch their favorite players at the Friendly Confines.

Removing the trademark logo was one thing, and honestly, is a change that we would not have noticed had it not been for a slow off-season. But the latest change by Nike just highlights how they overthink these things.

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