Cubs appear to be making subtle change to historic home jerseys

Chicago's iconic white pinstripe tops seem to be getting a minor tweak heading into 2024.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs
Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Calm down, the Chicago Cubs aren't overhauling their iconic home white pinstripes. But according to UniWatch, the often overlooked but equally strange trademark symbol on the chest patch might be gone in 2024.

I'm sure most of you have seen the new Nike marketing materials floating around showcasing the new jerseys - and on those posts, the trademark that's accompanied the team's logo on its home uniforms for decades is absent (you can see one of those ads in the link above). Now, whether or not this is a concrete change or not remains to be seen because at Cubs Convention, players wearing Nike-branded jerseys all showcased the trademark symbol.

Cubs - and the other 29 MLB teams - will carry a 4-jersey rotation in 2024

Of course, the Cubs have had countless uniform changes over the years - with the latest change coming in the form of the team's City Connect release back in 2021. Those seemed to land relatively well with the fanbase and have only grown in popularity as folks got more and more familiar with them in the years that followed.

That City Connect and the home pinstripes account for two of Chicago's '4+1' allotment for the 2024 campaign - meaning each team is allowed four different jersey looks, plus their respective City Connect. Of course, the Cubs have just three looks outside of their navy Wrigleyville jerseys, including the home whites, alternative blues and road greys.

So once the season gets rolling, I suppose we'll see if we're making much ado about nothing or if the Cubs are ditching their place as the only team with a trademark on their own logo on the jerseys they wear.