MLB Insider provides an update on Cubs direction at MLB Trade Deadline

Chicago Cubs v Baltimore Orioles
Chicago Cubs v Baltimore Orioles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

By all accounts, the Chicago Cubs have yet to make an official declaration regarding their intentions at the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline at the end of the month.

It would seem that once the MLB Draft passes this weekend, the Cubs' front office will turn their attention to the deadline.

After winning five of their last six games, the Cubs seem to be in the early stages of repeating the success that the 2023 team had in the weeks leading into the deadline. Prior to the hot stretch last season, the Cubs seemed destined to be sellers at the deadline before shifting their priorities to buying and making a push for the postseason.

The Cubs' push for the post-season in 2023 fell short and that should be enough for Jed Hoyer to make another drastic shift. Regardless, as pointed out by Jim Bowden of The Athletic (Subscription Required), the Cubs have yet to pick a lane.

"Across the industry, no one is sure if they’ll buy, sell or hold at this year’s trade deadline as they sit 3 1/2 games out of wild-card position with five teams they would have to jump over. That said, they know if they upgrade the bullpen and acquire a better offensive catcher, they could be formidable as they do have starting pitching that’s capable of running the table in October. "

The Athletic

The Cubs exclusively buying at the deadline should not be among the possibilities that the front office considers. Sure, the Cubs could get hot, and the right addition may lead their push to the postseason, but this is not a team that will be winning the World Series in 2024. That is why it would seem unlikely that the Cubs will be making multiple moves, as Bowden suggests, to improve their outlook for the 2024 season,

The Cubs are setting the stage for a unique deadline approach where they thread the needle between selling and buying. Selling in the sense of moving a player such as Cody Bellinger who does not alter the long-term outlook while also looking to utilize their prospect depth to buy talent that is under team control beyond this season.