Philadelphia Phillies continues to expose Cubs with the latest MLB Trade Rumor

A Cody Bellinger trade feels inevitable.
Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Selling times have once again arrived for the Chicago Cubs, who are all but out of the National League Central race and the race for one of the three wild card spots.

After the Cubs were surprise buyers at the Trade Deadline last season, there is nothing but disappointment surrounding the conversation about the Cubs at the 2024 MLB Trade Deadline.

The decisive moment of the Cubs' 2023 season was when the team decided that they were not going to trade Cody Bellinger despite Bellinger being one of the most popular position players on the trade market. Even with a contract that includes multiple player options, Bellinger is expected to be at the center of Cubs' trade rumors this month.

The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers are among the teams circling the Cubs with interest in Bellinger, but the other team is far more indicative of how much Jed Hoyer's front office has failed.

That is former Major League Baseball general manager Jim Bowden on MLB Network radio saying that a potential trade for Bellinger is one of the moves that the Philadelphia Phillies view as a priority this month.

Phillies continue to mock the Cubs with their baseball operations.

Despite Hoyer scoffing at the approach that the Phillies have taken in constructing their roster, Philadelphia is sitting at the top of baseball with a record of 58-32. What's even more impressive about the Phillies is despite the fact that they have the best record in baseball, the team's front office is not content with standing pat.

It's that sense of urgency that Hoyer needed to have after May when it became clear that the current core of the Cubs' roster was not going to be enough to keep this team afloat. Instead, teams that have exposed the flaws of Hoyer's approach are now circling the Cubs with the intent of poaching their roster.