Latest Chicago Cubs lineup trend suggest a change in role for Miguel Amaya

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

One of the talking points that the Chicago Cubs had this past offseason was that the 2024 season would be important for the development of Miguel Amaya.

The indication was that this season would see the shift from veteran Yan Gomes being the Cubs' primary catcher to Amaya.

Amaya was promoted to the Major League level during the first half of the 2023 season and quickly impressed with his ability to manage the Cubs' pitching staff. It was an important first sign that Amaya could finally live up to his original projection of being the Cubs' catcher of the future.

The future is here.

Through the first week and a half of the Cubs' games this season, Amaya may have already supplanted Gomes as the Cubs' starting catcher.

After Amaya got the start in the Cubs' loss against the San Diego Padres on Monday, it has now been a 50-50 split as both the second-year catcher and Gomes have started five games this season.

Amaya has started consecutive games for the Cubs after being behind the plate on Monday following getting the nod at catch during the final game of the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday.

Miguel Amaya may be taking over as the Chicago Cubs starting catcher.

The transition to Amaya may be accelerated by the offensive struggles of Gomes to start the season. Gomes is hitting .125 on the season with an OPS+ of -16. The struggles of Gomes to begin the 2024 season have been confirmation that the success he had in 2023 could not be depended on entering this season.

Amaya is hitting .278 with an OPS+ of 69 this season but continues to be a difference-maker on defense.

Given the nature of the catcher position, Gomes still will have an important role on the Cubs' roster but it goes without saying that the passing of the torch to Amaya may have happened.

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