Favor to Scott Boras may lead to surprise Chicago Cubs free agent signing

The Cubs and Scott Boras may have a better relationship than previously thought.

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Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Five / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The Chicago Cubs did a solid for agent Scott Boras on Wednesday when they allowed him to be seated at the table along with president Jed Hoyer for a press conference to formally announce the signing of Cody Bellinger to a three-year deal.

With there being whispers of collusion against Boras and his negotiating tactics this off-season, the image on Wednesday was important for where things stand between the super agent and the Cubs.

While giving his thoughts on free agency, Boras was asked about whether or not there will be a sequel to the press conference on Wednesday and he looked toward Jed Hoyer--almost to say that the Cubs could use another one of his clients.

The Cubs are just about at the first level of the luxury tax threshold, leaving room for potential in-season additions at the Trade Deadline in July. It would seem likely that the Cubs, assuming contention, will be willing to pass the first level of the threshold at $237MM for the 2024 season.

With the Cubs doing Scott Boras a favor, could that lead to a Jordan Montgomery surprise signing?

The Cubs' willingness to pass that mark may be tested in the final month before the start of the regular season. Boras still has two prominent free agents available in Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell after Matt Chapman signed a three-year deal with the San Francisco Giants on Friday night, a deal that included opt-outs after each season.

Snell or Montgomery could prove to be opportunistic deals for the Cubs. Jon Heyman of the New York Post listed the Cubs as potentially in the mix for Montgomery, assuming the interest from the Boston Red Sox does not spark a deal.

If Montgomery is willing to take a three-year deal, or even a two-year deal, but has opt-outs available after each season, that is a deal that the Cubs likely will have interest in. Montgomery would provide an answer for the short-term need that the Cubs have at the top of their rotation while still having an opportunity to cash in within the next season or two.

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