4 quotes Cubs fans will love to hear from the Cody Bellinger press conference

Scott Boras, Jed Hoyer and Cody Bellinger had plenty to say in this week's introductory press conference at Sloan Park in Arizona.

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With the long-anticipated reunion between Cody Bellinger and the Chicago Cubs made official this week, we got a re-introductory press conference with Bellinger flanked by Cubs president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer and agent Scott Boras.

It should come as no surprise that all three had plenty to say about the entire process, what Bellinger means to the Cubs moving forward and how everything wound up coming together. Let's dive in and look at three quotes from the press conference that fans should note.

Conversations between Jed Hoyer and Scott Boras started back in July

On a one-year pillow deal last year, Bellinger re-established himself as a legitimate offensive force in Chicago. In the presser on Wednesday, Hoyer said that talks about keeping the former MVP with the Cubs actually got going last summer - laying the ground work for this offseason's eventual reunion.

"I think we started the conversation on this in July," said Hoyer. "I think Scott will attest: my comments to him about Cody have never wavered at all. I felt all along he's a great fit for this team, a great fit for the clubhouse."

Bellinger's numbers spoke for themselves in 2023 and played a huge role in the Cubs wanting him back this winter. But he also universally received glowing feedback on his presence in the clubhouse from teammates and coaches - and we know how much the organization prides itself on building a strong clubhouse culture.