Every Cubs player who could reach free agency this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have a lot of potential free agents possibly on the horizon after the 2023 season

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7. RHP Marcus Stroman: Player Option

This is going to be another decision that greatly impacts the team's offseason approach. As things currently stand, Marcus Stroman will likely be opting into his player option for 2024, which is worth $21 million. Although he had one of the best first halves of any pitcher in baseball, where he posted a 2.96 ERA in 112.2 innings, Stroman's production took a steep decline in July and he landed on the injured list with a rib fracture.

Stroman once seemed destined for a large payday, but now it seems all but likely he will opt into his guaranteed $21 million and try to earn a larger contract next year.

But there is a catch here because recent updates are suggesting that Stroman could make a return to the mound in the next couple of weeks. If he returns for the playoffs and dazzles the team with a few impressive victories, there could end up being interest for him to receive a larger deal.

Whatever happens, Stroman's decision will come in early November soon after the playoffs end. By then, we will have a better look at what this Cubs team will look like in 2024.

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