Every Cubs player who could reach free agency this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have a lot of potential free agents possibly on the horizon after the 2023 season

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6. RHP Kyle Hendricks: Club Option

This is going to be one of the most interesting decisions for the Cubs front office. On one hand, Kyle Hendricks has been pretty good this year since returning from a serious shoulder injury. Many thought he wouldn't be able to return to form, but he has turned in 11 quality starts in 21 games and there have only been a handful of times where the 33-year-old didn't give the team a chance to win.

On the other hand, Hendricks' age and uncertainty may not be worth the $16 million. Taking that money off the books would give the team flexibility to go after a guy like Aaron Nola or Blake Snell, but signing those guys is not a guarantee like picking up Hendricks' option would be.

I personally lean toward picking up Hendricks' option. He's been a soft-tosser for his whole career and I think he has the potential to play past the age of 40 which is not very common anymore. His ability to make batters put the ball in play is well-suited for the Cubs' defense especially with Pete Crow-Armstrong making the case to play every day in center field.

Plus I just think it would be cool to have a guy like Hendricks be a career-cub. It's been a long time since we've had one and it would be cool for him to be around as the only bastion of the last great Cubs team, and possibly a contributor for the next one.