Dansby Swanson becomes latest point for MLB Insider's agenda against Chicago Cubs

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
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Dansby Swanson has not only said but done all the right things since signing a 7-year deal worth $177 million with the Chicago Cubs last December. With the deal, Swanson became the face of the Cubs' organization and he did not take that responsibility lightly as he reached out to each player on the Major League team while finalizing his contract with the Cubs and also made himself up-to-date on the team's top prospects.

Given the tangible actions that can be pointed to in regard to Swanson embracing his new team, that is why comments made by New York Post MLB insider Jon Heyman are strange. While connecting with "The Mully and Haugh Show" on 670 The Score, Heyman revealed that Swanson was not keen on the idea of signing with the Cubs at first.

""Basically [he] said, 'To tell the truth, I wasn't sure this was the right place for me,'" MLB reporter Jon Heyman said on 670 the Score with Mully & Haugh. "But he became convinced. And when I saw him, he was happy that he made that decision.""

Jon Heyman via NBC Sports Chicago

It seems like a rather strange thing for Heyman to reveal given how it has been clear since the signing that Swanson had eye on signing with the Cubs. That is not to say that the Cubs were a clear choice for the former Atlanta Braves' shortstop but it certainly was not something that was perceived as Swanson being insistent that he would not sign with the team.

For anyone that has listened to Heyman and his regular hits on 670 The Score, he has not been shy about his disdain for how the Cubs have gone about their rebuild. Heyman has often been critical of the lack of spending by the Cubs and there is a warrant for that criticism. But, if anything, Thursday's comments from Heyman reek of someone trying to hammer home their original agenda.

I mean after all, let's not forget just how wrong Heyman was when talking originally about Swanson signing with the Cubs.

""He's not interested in going to Chicago," Heyman said. "Even though it's probably the best city in the country, at least in my opinion, and the best pizza and the best hotdogs. And it's awesome and beautiful and all that. And he doesn't care at all about it. He only wants to win.""

Jon Heyman via NBC Sports Chicago

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The Cubs' signing of Swanson was a sign that team now has the expectation of winning at the Major League level. The Cubs sold that plan to Swanson and he is now in place as the cornerstone of the team's next contending core.