Cubs could sign not one, but two of the star free agent shortstops

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The rumor mill is offically in full force with tons of rumors coming out of Winter Meeting involving the Chicago Cubs. A new rumor from Mark Feinsand suggests that there is is a scenario where the Cubs could double dip their toe into the free agent shortstop market. Feinsand suggests that the two that would probably head to the North Side would be Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson.

A dream scenario seems to be possible for the Cubs in free agency

This is a scenario I think all Cubs fans have thought of, but everyone has been to scared to let themselves dwell on it for too long. But now that we've seen it in writing, well, it's out there in the open in a big way.

The Cubs definitely have the money to spend; it is just the matter of when and where they spend it. If Chicago managed to pull this off, they would be taking a page out of the Texas Rangers' book from a year ago, when they signed Corey Seager and Marcus Semien to handle things up the middle - a half-billion dollar foray in free agency.

It makes sense considering the rumors the past couple of days have connected the Cubs to Swanson and Bogaerts above all others. It was reported earlier that the Cubs had already met with Bogaerts prior to Winter Meetings. The same goes for Swanson where it has been said they have been the most active in his market.

In this world where this is a possibility, the Cubs would have to try and get one of these deals done as quick as possible so they could potentially go out and recruit the next one. David Kaplan's new report might back up this idea, saying ownership has given the front office a 'green light' to spend and turn things around in Wrigleyville.

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We will see what happens in the coming days, but the Cubs currently seem to be extremely active right now. A lot of rumors are flying and the stove is scorching hot - sending us all to bed with visions of a star-studded middle infield dancing in our heads.