Cubs fans will love and hate these St. Louis Cardinals rumors

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Willson Contreras, Albert Pujols
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#1, the Most hated rumor: Willson Contreras lands in St. Louis.

Glancing at the rumor mill, the number one thing Cubs fan will hate is if Willson Contreras winds up in a Cardinals uniform. I can almost see the red bat across his chest now. It's hideous. This all started a while ago. Unfortunately, after the departure of future Hall of Famer, Yadier Molina, it only makes sense that they are after an all-star caliber catcher. Contreras, who didn't really even negotiate in contract talks with Jed Hoyer and the Cubs front office, can't be blamed for wherever he signs from a fan standpoint. It just would hurt.

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Unfortunately, Contreras is a perfect fit for the Cubs just as much as he is for the Cardinals. Even worse, there is essentially no scenario in which Contreras comes back to Chicago. He is also rumored to be followed closely by the Houston Astros. Sometimes these things work out this way. A rival team comes in and swoops up whoever you don't keep and it breaks your heart. Wherever Contreras lands, he will always receive a standing O from the Wrigley faithful.