Cubs fans will love and hate these St. Louis Cardinals rumors

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Kevin Kiearmaier
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#2, Rumor fans would love: Kevin Kiermaier winds up in St. Louis

One rumor currently going on is that the St. Louis Cardinals are being linked with Kevin Keirmaier for a center field position. As we all know, Keimaier has been linked to the Cubs as well. However, though Keirmaier has been an elite defender throughout his career, the bat he has possessed hasn't been the best. Defensively, yes. great glove and would help the Cubs a great deal in the outfield. Offensively, not so much. In fact, it's pretty safe to say he has hardly any positive impact at all in the Cubs lineup.

Therefore, Cubs fans can enjoy knowing that Jed Hoyer has confirmed the club needs a center fielder added to the roster externally. If it's not Keirmaier, the odds that the Cubs land someone a little higher up the totem pole in terms of offensive production grows. Cody Bellinger, who has struggled at the plate mightily since receiving shoulder surgery, is a name that has been linked to the Cubs. I'm willing to take a flyer on Bellinger to the Cubs, who also possesses elite defense and the ability to play first base if needed, and the hope is the offensive production can come back. In any case, not landing Keirmaier because he went to the Cardinals relieves the Cubs of having to deal with a lack of offensive production somewhere in their lineup.